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Slimline Venetian Blinds

Our 25mm Slimline Venetian Blinds are popular, versatile, and make any window look fantastic! The slats are made of a special aluminium alloy and are stove enamelled to retain their colour and brightness throughout the life of the blind.


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Slimline Venetian Blinds
Slimline Venetian Blinds

Slimline Venetians offer the following benefits:

  • Long lasting with minimum fading
  • You can see out without those on the outside looking in
  • They provide light control and security
  • Slim - the slat width is 25mm!
  • The most popular because it can offer greater privacy and it is less costly
  • Inexpensive and Lightweight
  • Large range of colours
  • They are poor insulators

Ultra Wand

Our Slimline Venetians all come with the new, smart Ultra Wand - the single wand to lift and tilt. The Ultra Wand is:

  • Simple to operate - one simple mechanism instead of two!
  • Smooth and effortless! The blinds are easily raised and lowered to any height, and held with the Ultra Wand's automatic 'brake'.
  • Manufactured by Turnils
  • Always looking new - Ultra Wand protects your blinds and prevents tangling of the cord between the slats.
  • Compliant with child safety laws.

Control types for slimline blinds

On the headrail, your slimline blinds can have either ultrawand or standard controls.

The slimline blinds that come with the ultrawand controls are:

  • Star
  • Classic
  • Spectrum
  • Performance
  • Frost
  • Spirit
The price for ultrawand or standard controls is the same.

Privacy Slimlines

Our Slimline Venetians come as either standard or privacy blinds. The privacy slimlines are 'no hole' blinds that reduce the light filtering through the blind. They provide room darkening and are ideal for bedrooms where light can be a problem.


The maximum drop and width of slimline blinds is 3000mm. The maximum area is 8 square metres. In your window, the stack height of the blind when raised will be 46mm where the drop is 500mm, 64mm where the drop is 1000mm, 82mm where the drop is 1500mm, and 100mm where the drop is 2000mm.

Caring for your Slimline Venetian Blinds

Use soft dust cloths, or vacuum cleaner brush attachments. The surface of the blinds is quite smooth and dust is easily brushed off if done at regular intervals. To vacuum, use the brush attachment and tilt the slats one way and then the other to reach the entire top and bottom surfaces. To dust, tilt slats as above and brush over with soft cloths. If dust has been allowed to settle for long periods it will form a greasy film. If this has happened and you need to wash the venetians, use a damp cloth and mild detergent. Use cold or warm water. Tilt slats as above. Blinds can also be immersed in a tub of soapy water then rinsed clean and allowed to dry completely before reinstalling.