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Choose a colour for your Vertical blinds

All colours for Vertical blinds come in 90mm, 100mm and 127mm blades.

Our Vertical blinds come in the following types of fabric:

  • Focus - pricing group 1 (the cheapest pricing group).
  • Dawn - pricing group 2.
  • Plaza Plus - pricing group 2.

Simply click on a colour to price a blind created in that colour. (The colours are pictured below).


Focus is a Blackout fabric. It comes in 2600mm and 2200mm widths.

Focus is 100% polyester, coated with pigmented acrylic. It is mould and mildew protected, fire retardant, and can be wiped clean with warm soapy water and a damp cloth.

Focus comes in the following colours:

Focus alabaster.  Price group=1. Focus alabaster Focus azure.  Price group=1. Focus azure Focus beechwood.  Price group=1. Focus beechwood Focus Buff.  Price group=1. Focus Buff Focus charcoal.  Price group=1. Focus charcoal Focus claypipe.  Price group=1. Focus claypipe
Focus Cloud.  Price group=1. Focus Cloud Focus cotton.  Price group=1. Focus cotton Focus cream.  Price group=1. Focus cream Focus dove.  Price group=1. Focus dove Focus ebony.  Price group=1. Focus ebony Focus espresso.  Price group=1. Focus espresso
Focus haze.  Price group=1. Focus haze Focus Jarrah.  Price group=1. Focus Jarrah Focus latte.  Price group=1. Focus latte Focus linen.  Price group=1. Focus linen Focus Mocca.  Price group=1. Focus Mocca Focus pumice.  Price group=1. Focus pumice
Focus Putty.  Price group=1. Focus Putty Focus sand.  Price group=1. Focus sand Focus sandstone.  Price group=1. Focus sandstone Focus sea spray.  Price group=1. Focus sea spray Focus Tempest.  Price group=1. Focus Tempest Focus vanilla.  Price group=1. Focus vanilla
Focus wheat.  Price group=1. Focus wheat Focus white.  Price group=1. Focus white

Simply click on a colour to price a blind created in that colour.

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Dawn Blackout fabric is 100% Australian made, acrylic coated polyester. It is anti-static, dust and mould resistant, anti-fade, and has an easy care, wipe clean surface.

Working closely with colour experts, Uniline has made choosing your colours easy, by introducing the Dawn colour palette. The palette integrates soft neutrals with earthy tones and can be mixed or matched with Dulux paint colours to co-ordinate your decore.

Dawn comes in the following colours:

Dawn Alabaster.  Price group=2. Dawn Alabaster Dawn Apple Fizz.  Price group=2. Dawn Apple Fizz Dawn Arctic Breeze.  Price group=2. Dawn Arctic Breeze Dawn Arum.  Price group=2. Dawn Arum Dawn Ash Blue.  Price group=2. Dawn Ash Blue Dawn Beach Sand.  Price group=2. Dawn Beach Sand
Dawn Beige.  Price group=2. Dawn Beige Dawn Bison.  Price group=2. Dawn Bison Dawn Black.  Price group=2. Dawn Black Dawn Bubble Gum.  Price group=2. Dawn Bubble Gum Dawn Buttermilk.  Price group=2. Dawn Buttermilk Dawn Chino.  Price group=2. Dawn Chino
Dawn Cotton.  Price group=2. Dawn Cotton Dawn Custom Cream.  Price group=2. Dawn Custom Cream Dawn Dune.  Price group=2. Dawn Dune Dawn Earthen.  Price group=2. Dawn Earthen Dawn Euro.  Price group=2. Dawn Euro Dawn Fairy Dust.  Price group=2. Dawn Fairy Dust
Dawn Fern.  Price group=2. Dawn Fern Dawn Fire Engine.  Price group=2. Dawn Fire Engine Dawn Frappe.  Price group=2. Dawn Frappe Dawn Fresh Peach.  Price group=2. Dawn Fresh Peach Dawn Grey.  Price group=2. Dawn Grey Dawn Horizon Blue.  Price group=2. Dawn Horizon Blue
Dawn Ivory.  Price group=2. Dawn Ivory Dawn Light Bison.  Price group=2. Dawn Light Bison Dawn Macchiato.  Price group=2. Dawn Macchiato Dawn Mariah.  Price group=2. Dawn Mariah Dawn Misty.  Price group=2. Dawn Misty Dawn Mocca.  Price group=2. Dawn Mocca
Dawn Natural.  Price group=2. Dawn Natural Dawn Nature.  Price group=2. Dawn Nature Dawn Parmesan.  Price group=2. Dawn Parmesan Dawn Periwinkle.  Price group=2. Dawn Periwinkle Dawn Pewter.  Price group=2. Dawn Pewter Dawn Rapia.  Price group=2. Dawn Rapia
Dawn Royale Blue.  Price group=2. Dawn Royale Blue Dawn Sage.  Price group=2. Dawn Sage Dawn Sand.  Price group=2. Dawn Sand Dawn Seal.  Price group=2. Dawn Seal Dawn Sesame.  Price group=2. Dawn Sesame Dawn Slate.  Price group=2. Dawn Slate
Dawn Taupe.  Price group=2. Dawn Taupe Dawn Warm White.  Price group=2. Dawn Warm White Dawn Wedgewood.  Price group=2. Dawn Wedgewood Dawn White.  Price group=2. Dawn White Dawn White Satin.  Price group=2. Dawn White Satin Dawn Willow.  Price group=2. Dawn Willow

Simply click on a colour to price a blind created in that colour.

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Plaza Plus

Plaza Plus is a Blackout fabric.

Plaza Plus comes in the following colours:

Plaza Plus Alpine Haze.  Price group=2. Plaza Plus Alpine Haze Plaza Plus Beach Sand.  Price group=2. Plaza Plus Beach Sand Plaza Plus Caramel.  Price group=2. Plaza Plus Caramel Plaza Plus Cashew.  Price group=2. Plaza Plus Cashew Plaza Plus Citrus Cream.  Price group=2. Plaza Plus Citrus Cream Plaza Plus Cockatoo.  Price group=2. Plaza Plus Cockatoo
Plaza Plus Ebony.  Price group=2. Plaza Plus Ebony Plaza Plus Espresso.  Price group=2. Plaza Plus Espresso Plaza Plus Gun Metal.  Price group=2. Plaza Plus Gun Metal Plaza Plus Jewel.  Price group=2. Plaza Plus Jewel Plaza Plus Malt.  Price group=2. Plaza Plus Malt Plaza Plus Natural.  Price group=2. Plaza Plus Natural
Plaza Plus Orchid.  Price group=2. Plaza Plus Orchid Plaza Plus Paperbark.  Price group=2. Plaza Plus Paperbark Plaza Plus Pumice.  Price group=2. Plaza Plus Pumice Plaza Plus Royal.  Price group=2. Plaza Plus Royal Plaza Plus Sand.  Price group=2. Plaza Plus Sand Plaza Plus Vanilla.  Price group=2. Plaza Plus Vanilla
Plaza Plus White.  Price group=2. Plaza Plus White

Simply click on a colour to price a blind created in that colour.

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Colour Accuracy: Although utmost care has been taken to ensure that the colors printed on our web site are accurate, actual colours will vary. In addition, subtle colour differences and textures may not be fully appreciated on some systems due to differences in computer monitors. As our products are all made to measure, and can't be returned, you need to be sure that any color variations that are possible from our scanning of the actual samples are acceptable to you. If an exact colour match is required, then please request a sample before placing your order. Once you receive your sample, keep in mind that all samples may still have minimal dyelot colour variations as stated by the manufacturers.

Your requirements: If the colour you require is not shown, please contact us, and we will see if we can meet your request.

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